A long time between disgruntled comments.

Its been quite a long time since my last post. I’ve  been insulted by muslims and christians alike, a despot has become President, and a once great nation is now in the hands of their long time enemy.

But I digress. There is much to catch up on, and I am very good at procrastinating, so I shall begin. Today, I want to reflect on the question: “What do christians believe happened to the billions of people who lived and died before the birth of christianity?” Where did these ‘souls’ go? *Let me caveat this question with the disclosure that I personally do not believe in the concept of a soul, however christians certainly do and this goes to the heart of this dilemma.

I recently posted a meme on Twitter which posed this question, as you can see on the right hand side here.

The reactions I got were quite curious and at least one respondent was very insulted by it.


So I asked, as politely as I knew how. The responses that I received were angry and highly emotive, and yet…not one person could tell me where these ‘souls’ go. Perhaps the best response was a very vague ‘there is something in the old testament about people of  abrahamic religions getting a ticket to heaven on account of them waiting for jesus to turn up.

Ok. But what about everyone else? Some Indigenous Australians believe in the Rainbow Serpent. Are they included? The answer was ‘I don’t know’.

What about the vikings who didn’t know about jesus before first contact with early christians? Same answer, ‘I don’t know’.

Native Americans? ‘I don’t know’ was the response again.

So, I guess the question now is, to what level of wilful ignorance do you have to get to, to believe in jesus as the lord and saviour of well…a tiny fraction of the population?

This dilemma of where the souls of the ‘no idea about jesus’ population brings up an even bigger question: how can a deity even possibly be considered ‘moral’ if it never bothered to pop down and say hello until about 2000 years ago, and only to a very select group of people in a very tiny part of the world? Why did god keep jesus up there with him and not allow Neanderthals or Early Modern Humans access to ‘the way, the truth and the light’? Why did a moral god sit back and let people worship Rainbow Serpents, Mother Earth, Oden, Thor and others? The simple answer is that it isn’t in fact, a moral god.

Or of course it isn’t moral, because it simply doesn’t exist.

If there are definitive answers to these questions, I’d dearly like to know.


8 thoughts on “A long time between disgruntled comments.

      • the pain I feel sometimes in my heart has nothing to do with the soul, more a medical issue… and the more I ponder and cogitate on my navel, the more inclined I am to say, show me the evidence of a soul and I will give that evidence a lot of thought… in the mean time, I agree with you, we don’t have one. 🙂


      • I think that w use the ‘heart’ as a reference to our emotions because linguistically, it is embedded in our culture to refer to our feelings in that way. We could say that our brain hurts from all of the negativity coming from the trump administration, but it means an entirely different thing when we do…


  1. I think you made a great point. And I for one look forward to you asking more people. Who knows, you might get some good answers. Those could at least lead to an interesting conversation. Stay on it Mrs. A.


  2. I was an Alter boy in my very early misspent youth and subject to hours of Roman Catholic indoctrination from a very dubious source. Then a priest tried to anally rape me {he failed, couldn’t get a hardon}, telling me, while pinning me down on a table, ‘my soul will got to hell if I told anyone’.

    I figured the only soul I was interested in came from Motown, Verve and Atlantic by way of good music. This was the 60’s, a time of peace, flower power, Glastonbury and wicked magic mushrooms. So I landed a well aimed heel in his nether region and escaped his clutches. Needless to say, I didn’t go back for the Requiem mass I was scheduled to attend.

    It was shortly after that I came to Australia. Alone, green as and naive to boot, and I was immediately confronted with the very real prospect of being drafted into the Vietnam War. A good time to let go of the Vatican’s soul theory and look for some answers or alternatives to believe in.

    I managed to avoid capture in the ‘ballot’ I began to ask myself what is a soul anyway, who do I ask and what about those poor sods that got balloted?

    I began by reading through comments and texts from a variety of cultures and religions, asking friends, strangers and wise sages, many were stoned on whatever the substance of choice was available, and I came to the conclusion all the prophets, soothsayers, shaman, imams, rabbi’s and whoever else had an opinion on deities, past or present, thought the soul dwells inside us.

    Still with me?

    I then began to reflect on my conditioning from early childhood, never mind dirty old priests, to accept something you can’t see, scan or ex-ray, because it has no substance. Accept something you can’t touch, smell or taste it and the only maintenance required was to believe, and accept on face value, that it exists. My conclusion was starting to sound like the soul and god are one and the same thing. Yea right, like this was an answer.

    OK enough humour and waffle. All the above, leads me to what’s below.

    “What do christians believe happened to the billions of people who lived and died before the birth of christianity?” Where did these ‘souls’ go?

    While this question is extremely valid and will no doubt generate debate, I think before you can ask it, you need to ask, what is a soul.

    Once you have nailed that one, then you can prise open Pandora’s box.

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    • That is awful! I am sorry to hear that you were abused by someone in that way. I think that the scare tactics used by religion regarding where your soul goes is disgraceful. It leads to the situation that you found yourself in.


      • I don’t see a difference between what the Roman church denies it did, and still does today, and other faiths that do the same. At some point they all use one form of tactic or another to keep the ‘flock’ in check. It happens in Government too, regardless of what kind it presents itself as, democratic, autocratic, dictatorship etc… I guess I am philosophical about what happened, and to some degree lucky, I got away before the abuse got worse… it helped shape who I am, which I think is a reasonably well adjusted mature grumpy old man, ok a few rough edges here and there, but nothing the Marquis de Sade wouldn’t be proud of… I jest, I jest!!!!… blame the RC church for my wharped humour… hahahaha…

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